Best Gift Ideas for the Health Enthusiasts in Your Life

The season of gift-giving is fast approaching. You probably already have a rough sketch of what you’re going to be getting your loved ones, and have categories for each of them. The health-conscious loved ones can be difficult to pick gifts for, as they can have plenty of concerns on how healthy their diet and lifestyles are. But here are some gift ideas you can use as a guide on what to get to help them achieve their health goals.

1. To help keep them moving 

A yoga mat is a must-have for everyone who’s into health and fitness. You can use it for yoga, and any other floor exercises, and you can use it for meditation. Although it depends on the quality of the mat, it’s usually suggested to replace a yoga mat after a year of use. It puts up with a lot of sweat and friction, and in the long-run the material can no longer be enough to cushion your body and support your joints. So even if that loved one already has one, another yoga mat in handy would definitely be a welcome one especially if it comes in a color and design that you know they’d like!

2. So they stay hydrated 

It’s important to stay hydrated especially if you’re active, which the health-conscious person in your life for sure is in this state constantly. A tumbler keeps water handy to help replenish lost fluid after that intense weightlifting or pilates session. A tumbler can also help remind you to drink up more water by having one filled by your work station. You can even put in a few citrus slices with your water, to make it not just a refreshing drink, but a healthy one as well. Tumblers come in different forms, sizes and materials, plastic, glass, stainless steel-- choose what you think is the best according to that loved one’s preferences. 

3. So they can keep track of their health 

Wearables are very helpful for individuals who are always on-the-go. They are especially useful for health enthusiasts for their functions on monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, sleep tracking, and plenty other features depending on the model you get. Apple, Samsung, Garmin and Fitbit are some of the more popular brands of smart watches. You don’t have to get the most expensive one, as even the affordable options already come with the most important features like heart rate monitoring. Another option are smart rings, Motive and Oura are some of the more popular options. 

4. To help process their thoughts 

A journal is a simple but great gift idea. Wellness shouldn't just involve the physical body. Wellness is important both inside and out. Writing stuff down can be therapeutic for most people. It can help with structuring thoughts and expressing emotions, which can otherwise be hard to express. It can also help relieve anxiety by writing down what needs to be done so they don’t clutter your thoughts. And it can provide a sense of affirmation by helping you remind yourself of what you have accomplished for the day. You can get a journal with your loved one’s name embossed on the cover to make them feel even more special.

5. So they can pamper themselves 

Who doesn’t want to have a nice relaxing bath after a long day? As mentioned on item 4, health and wellness is not just from the outside. It’s important to take care of mental health as well, as you can’t truly have overall wellness without a healthy frame of mind. So pampering yourself from time to time is a good way to relieve stress and keep positive thoughts. Bath bombs are wonderful gift ideas to help them have a more enjoyable bath time. Epsom salt is another great option. It contains magnesium that helps relax muscles and loosen stiff joints, which is definitely something you could use after a long day. 

6. To help them relax   

Aromatherapy is a proven and effective method that uses aroma to improve the health of the body, mind and spirit. Scented candles can help you do the same at the comfort of your own home. LIghting a scented candle and inhaling the scent of lavender, cinnamon, vanilla or whichever scent of choice you have can definitely help improve your mood. Make sure you know beforehand what scents someone you’re gifting the candle to prefers. This is important as you might end up picking a scent that they don’t like, which would make lighting one a not-so relaxing experience. Essential oils and diffusers are good options too, plus you can also get the benefit of the essential oil by having them in the air. 

7. So they can consume more fruits and veggies  

Smoothies, shakes, peanut butter-- there’s a lot that a blender can do, especially a powerful one. Someone who’s health-conscious would definitely find good use for a good-quality blender. There’s an endless variety of home-made products that can be made with a blender. Just know it will be put to good use in the hands of someone who cares about their health and what they put in their bodies. A juicer is another good option so they can make their own freshly-squeezed and freshly-bottled juices from their favorite fruits or veggies.  

8. So they can have healthier drink options   

You can’t go wrong with a wonderful selection of either coffee or tea, depending on the drink preference of someone you’re gifting it to. Both coffee and tea have caffeine although it's significantly less on the latter, this means that both are good at boosting your energy levels when you’re low on sleep or when you need more power like before a workout or some other activity. There are a variety of tea as well that can have different benefits, green tea is known to aid in digestion, chamomile is calming and contains antioxidants, and ginger can help with colds and sore throats. You can choose the organic and non-gmo coffee and tea options, which would definitely be a plus for that health-conscious loved one. 

9. So they can have healthier snacking options   

Snacking is one of life’s little pleasures. And it shouldn’t be an exception to people who care about their health. There are plenty of healthier snack options available than what’s on the usual grocery aisle that you can pick for a loved one who’s health-conscious. Nuts, plantain, seaweed, dried fruit, keep it varied, but make sure that they don’t have any allergies on the items that you pick. To make them feel extra special, you can even bake something for them. Oatmeal cookies stored in a cute glass jar or banana bread plus home-made peanut butter, the options are endless but you should know what they would like best!

10. To help improve their health 

The right supplements can improve your health by filling in nutritional gaps from the usual diet. If you have knowledge of the person’s health background, supplements can be a good idea as a gift. There are a plethora of different brands of supplements that you can choose from, all offering to be better than the other. What you should focus on however, is making sure that these supplements won’t have any side effects, something you can be sure of if the main ingredients are plant-based which is a guarantee with NutraV. If you’re thinking of gifting supplements to a loved one, now is the perfect time. Here are the products that would be on sale, and what they do, so you can get to decide beforehand which one you should get.

Here are the products that will be on sale, so you can decide beforehand which one you should get for your loved ones!

  • Plantbiotic. A powerful blend of plant compounds with proven antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, making it an effective all-natural remedy for various illnesses. 
  • Heart Plus. An all-natural cardiovascular supplement, that’s not just good for your heart but your overall body as well. 
  • Flubiotic. Immune-boosting protocol that helps prevent a flu that’s creeping up on you or treat it if you’ve caught it. 
  • ZHydrate. A nanotechnology rehydration powder, meant to be mixed with water, that gives an instant shot of hydration and immune-boosters.
  • Grass-Fed Seabuck Protein. Whey protein from grass-fed cows mixed with other powerful all-natural ingredients that targets overall health from a cellular level.
  • Seven-Day Travel Pack. Dysentery support developed with travelers in mind to help provide gut and immune support in one handy pack.

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