We believe that most illnesses can be resolved through the a more natural approach, so we’ve gathered the best wild crafted herbs and plants from sustainable farms in order to help you fight those familiar sicknesses and get back on your feet, fast.

Why NutraV?

We were tried of overwhelming symptoms caused by over the counter pharmaceuticals. We saw that these medications caused a slough of adverse side effects, damaged our renal systems, and threw our bodies out of wack. After over 10 years of researching natural remedies and long established treatments, we began developing solutions to ailments that did more than simply just make symptoms more bearable… our products HEAL.

Our Focus

Our focus is to help people heal thier bodies with natural immune boosting self care supplements.

Our products help you by supporting specific organs and biological pathways to up-regulate your immune system.

We source the best wild crafted plants for our travel care supplements.

We partner with sustainable growers to harvest natural raw ingredients.

Our products are safe. We use GMP certified, FDA certified, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) and The College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accredited facilities.



To inspire and transform humanity through natural nutrients – the individual, the neighborhood and the planet.

In a marketplace where traditional supplements can be manipulated with fillers and other dirty compounds, we strongly believe in nutrient transparency; from field to capsule.

"My father and I sought to research and unlock the wonderful healing power of natural plant-based extracts and to share their powerful restorative properties with the world – that's why we started NutraV."

+ Milan Lal, Co-Founder

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