Surprise! Calcium is Bad, Here’s Why

A 2010 British Medical Journal meta-analysis revealed that "Risks outweigh benefits for calcium supplements." The study shows the number of cardiovascular and stroke events caused by calcium supplements in patients over 65 is too high to condone usage.

Data from 15 trials from a total of 12,000 people show a 30% rise in risk. The seven researchers who reviewed the literature state that the danger of bone issues is modest, but that with such a large number of people taking calcium supplements, "even a small increase in the incidence of cardiovascular disease could translate into a large burden of disease in the population." They follow this by saying the data "suggest that a reassessment of the role of calcium supplements in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis is warranted."

If you know a bit about calcium supplements, it's apparent why they don't work. Of each calcium supplement taken orally, just 4% to 15% is consumed by the body. The remainder sits in various body sections, leading to gallstones, kidney stones, spurs, atherosclerotic calcium deposits, and breast calcifications. If 100% of each supplement was absorbed by the body, we wouldn't be dealing with "too much," or there would be nothing left to create problems.

What to Take in Lieu of Calcium Supplements

Eat calcium-rich foods. Research which foods are best and see if they are included in  your diet. Then follow the same process with magnesium. For easy math, double the amount of magnesium that you would take of calcium. You can also take supplements of magnesium since, unlike calcium, your body doesn't absorb high percentages of it.

If you still want to take calcium, take an angstrom form of it. Only take a small portion of calcium because your body absorbs the entire amount.

Also, have your doctor test your Vitamin D levels. If you are deficient, spend time outdoors in the sun for 30 minutes a day, and don't apply sunscreen. Additionally, intake at least a few thousand IU's of D3 supplements.

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