Suffering from Stress? Try These Proven Natural Supplements!

These days, life may seem to work against you. Income security is less than ideal, you are stuck indoors more than usual, and the coronavirus requires mask-wearing and social distancing, making life feel threatening and even more isolating. Even reading the news is becoming more stressful. If you’re getting more anxious lately, there are ways to stay relaxed. You can maintain healthy rest, exercise, and nutrition to stay calm, and some key supplements may be worth adding to your daily stress management regimen as well.

Let’s take a look at some powerful natural aids to help you stay calm amidst these crazy times.



This supplement builds some of your brain’s most crucial chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. Try this for better concentration and improved endurance.


This supplement reacts just like green tea, helping you feel more at ease while improving concentration. When added to caffeine, it reduces brain fatigue and improves memory.

  1. KAVA

Do you like wine or alcohol? Kava works similarly, reducing anxiety without adverse side effects like addiction.


This supplement checks all the boxes. It aids with protein synthesis, helps you control blood glucose levels, and improves neuron activity. It also helps calm your muscles to prevent cramping and improves your mental state, improving sleep.


This natural herb aids with stress control and reduces overall fatigue while providing an overall more stable and happy feeling, with hardly any side effects.


This adaptogen from Africa and India has proven its benefits over thousands of years. It improves communication between the hypothalamus, pituitary glands, and adrenals and helps promote Vitamin C in the body.


This is another herb used traditionally for thousands of years and is increasingly supported by today’s scientific community. It helps combat anxiety and stress and shows no negative effects in human studies.


This old-world spice from the crocus blossom improves the taste of food, but it also benefits your mood. In a study of 60 participants, it boosted mood more far better than a placebo. In addition to healthy macros for your diet, it brings soothing and calming benefits.

The saying health is wealth is now truer more than ever. Keep calm and healthy; find supplements made with natural ingredients at NutraV! Shop NutraV supplements here.