Helpful Biohacks to Improve Your Eyesight

You may have heard your vision deteriorates as you get older, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Like age-related symptoms such as reduced libido and back pains, you aren’t as much a victim of age as you may think as there are ways to hack it. 

This article will focus on your eyesight and outline ways you can maintain and improve it even as you age.


Healthy vision depends on your diet, and the right nutrients can reverse age-related vision issues. Here are some supplements that do the trick.

Lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin protect your eyes from deterioration by improving your eye response to glare, preventing blurring, and guarding against the adverse effects of blue light. They do this by blocking oxidative damage, a major issue resulting from blue light from the devices we have in our homes, such as computer screens, TVs, smartphones, and even fluorescent lighting.

Beta-carotene is a forerunner to vitamin A and helps people who are naturally prone to lower amounts of vitamin A, a common issue with the American diet.

Bilberry helps your vision in low-contrast surroundings by supplying your body with anthocyanosides that improve night vision.


Gabor patches help train your brain to improve vision, guiding you away from reading glasses. These patches are easy to find and use.


Irlen Syndrome is eye sensitivity to specific ranges of light. Special glasses reduce some colors of the spectrum while allowing in others, reducing stress on your brain. Eyestrain saps energy that affects your overall eye health and ability to not only stabilize but also improve your sight. It’s a common issue that 50% of eyesight sufferers experience.  

How “Palming” Can Help

One exercise called palming can improve as much as 55% of your vision, and it is easy to do. Simply rub your hands together back and forth until they are warm and hold them over your closed eyelids, but not touching them, being sure to block any outside light with your hands. The combination of the warmth and pure blackness helps your eyes relax to their fullest and provides surprisingly positive results.


Brock String Therapy helps against vergence disorder - a condition where eyes don’t work together property to focus on an object. This exercise isn’t all that easy and can be tiring, but it is immensely effective and can even help with astigmatism.

Take a string about the length of a room and string it with three beads, each in different colors. Place each bead at 4 inches, 10 inches, and on each side of the room, and tie the string to a doorknob. Then go to the opposite side of the room and hold the string straight up to the bridge of your nose, and focus on each bead, one at a time.

You may experience double-vision, but this is normal. Eventually, your eyes will become fatigued, but with continued training, you will see better. To improve its effectiveness, make sure you have ample ketones in your body to boost your mitochondria.


Your eyes may be separate organs on your body, but they also act as part of your brain, helping it understand images by communicating information via the macula. This area of your eye can become less effective over time due to issues like scarring or becoming overly dry or wet. This often results in blurred vision and, in severe cases, blindness.

Electricity helps produce new cells, leading to as much as a 90% improvement.


Like any exercise, tricks like these prevent reduced eye function and the need for glasses that ultimately act as a crutch. Like any part of your body, exercise reverses the need for secondary assistance. Try these hacks to prevent limited eyesight and improve your lifelong vision!

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