Gut and Cellular Health: Answers for Peak Athletic Performance at Home

Science shows that the foundation of improved wellness and a stronger immune system is directly related to your meals and their nutritional value, which contributes to the health of  your gut microbiome and body cells down to the molecular level. You may already be conscious of this connection, but did you know a well-nourished gut and cells can also improve your physical fitness, too?

Your gut and cells have an interconnected system responsible for producing testosterone, estrogen, serotonin, and dopamine. Your cell and mitochondria also affect the degrees of inflammation you may experience in your body, its capacity to produce energy and its ability to maintain and restore itself. Each of these elements play a role in your physical performance.

Inversely, the same is true. Your gut functions also improve as a result of physical exercise. But finding the right exercises to do at home can be a daunting task. This article will provide you with options so you can choose home workouts best suited to your schedule, physical abilities and other factors.

Here is a list of recommendations from fitness experts and athletes. What they follow will surely work for you too.

Top 10 At-Home Workouts:

  1.     The Sweat Series

The Sweat Series are free Instagram fitness classes. Every night at 7:30PM, a complete list of classes is uploaded as an Instagram story and covers pretty much anything you can think of. Even Barry’s Bootcamp can be found there.

This option is perfect if you want variety while keeping up your heart rate. You can find exercises to fit your schedule and options for a change in workouts each week, all for free.

  1.     Yoga By Candace

This YouTube channel offers free yoga for any level of practice. It is a great option for people who want to increase their flexibility through yoga, but are otherwise not yet ready to join a class in-person. This makes the whole process of starting yoga easy - right in the privacy of your home.


  1.     Mobility WOD

This video series on YouTube aims to improve  your stretching and overall body movement. Kelly Starett sets the bar for functional mobility and often works with A-list celebrities to boost strength, movement, and flexibility.

This exercise is especially good for people suffering from restricted movement due to chronic back and joint issues. It also aids athletes by enhancing their agility to boost their overall performance. You will learn how to do each stretch and understand how each move should feel, so you prevent injury and maximize your results. 

  1.     Nike Living Room Cup

Nike offers weekly posts on a variety of workout ideas and even has a scoring system to help push you. Big names are often part of it. Cristiano Ronaldo once did an ab exercise session there. It’s great to throw into the mix in any existing exercise plan.

  1.     Official Thenx

These short workout videos don’t require any weights and can be done right in the comfort of your own home. These will test your strength, even if you are an experienced weight trainer. In a very short amount of time, you’ll be exhausted, and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling the results. 

  1.     Home Workouts 4 U

This Instagram channel gives you a range of excellent home workouts that test your core, overall power, and mobility. You can even do this if you have limited space.Chalene Johnson runs the channel and is a great coach for women looking to get in shape. She rules in the world of home workouts, and here you can benefit from her expertise for free.

  1.     Ryan Fischer Home Workouts

These home workouts are function-focused and keep you guessing by improving your mobility through a range of movements that combine strength building and cardio. This option is ideal if you are already fit and want to take it to the next level.  

  1.     Ben Greenfield’s 30-40 Mins Full Body Massage Routine

Provided as Instagram stories, this routine helps put your body in peak shape and fight physical aging by teaching you how to exercise smarter, eat better, and get the right amount of sleep, as well as other tips. He is followed by elite athletes who are looking for improved performance in all areas of the body. 

  1.     Peloton App

It may be known for its bicycle exercises, but it also offers yoga and strength exercises at the same level of standard as other Peloton workouts through an app. The app, which is free for 90 days, takes exercising with today’s top technology to the fullest.

  1. Personal Coaching with Dr. Anthony Aamodt

Today’s technologies are making telehealth more of a reality, and Dr. Ammodt uses this option to provide personal coaching and exercise techniques directly to you. His exercises include bodyweight exercises, kettlebell workouts, and barbell exercises. This option is for those who are serious about exercise and reducing injuries.

Dr. Aamodt is a coach’s coach who provides profound expertise and focuses on one-on-one sessions to correct body movements. He doesn’t offer classes or group exercises; instead, he focuses directly on you.

Nutrition to Optimize Your Gut and Fitness

While physical fitness is critical for the digestive tract and general wellness, a bad diet plan will kill your results. As you explore the above health and fitness choices listed above, the right diet helps you sustain and enhance your workout session recovery.

By understanding your microbial, individual, as well as mitochondrial genes being expressed (RNA), you can better understand your overall health and focus on the most important areas.

Once those are tested and factored in, you can work with a nutritionist to learn what nutrition is best for your goals and what foods to avoid.

Your body knows what it wants. When you give it what it needs, you will boost your energy, improve strength, develop better sleeping habits, reduce your overall stress, and increase your immunity function. To help you achieve these goals, NutraV has a variety of immune-boosting, healthy and nutritional supplements that you can choose from. Exercise right and feed your body right. Click here to shop NutraV today.