Fight the Flu Naturally

Before people have thought of protecting themselves from COVID-19, people have been working hard to avoid swine flu. No one wants to be ill, but swine influenza brings symptoms that you definitely want to avoid at all cost, such as excessive aches and pains, fevers that go through the roof, and in some cases, death.
Many people try to guard themselves against winter cases of swine flu. Vaccination is always an option. Antibacterial and antibiotic solutions are other options, and quarantining is also helpful, but your job may not allow for these options.
Another answer is to strengthen the body’s defences to allow the body to naturally fight the flu more effectively - so well, in fact, that the other solutions above wouldn’t be needed.  
What You Need Comes Naturally
Like members of a music group, there are many elements of your immune system that play their part to maintain optimal performance:
  • Lymphocytes, or T-cells, attack invaders
  • B-cells create antibodies that quickly respond to dangers
  • Phagocytic cells, such as neutrophils and macrophages, clean up after the battle
  • Cytokines alert our immune system to quickly heal areas of the body and remove invaders.
All of these band members take road trips throughout the body, traveling back and forth in our blood and hanging out in vulnerable areas to ensure we are protected.
Cytokines also help with inflammatory responses where infections arise, building a wall around the infected area. Similar to swelling and redness on your skin from poison ivy or food rashes, this internal response isolates infections from other areas of the body.
One particularly large area of the body is the gastrointestinal tract. The contents of the tube are considered external to the body until they are absorbed. The GI tract’s ability to keep out invaders while doing the main task of digestion and absorption means it’s essential to have healthy and well-functioning membranes.
Thankfully, There is a Natural Way to Get What Your Body Needs.  
There are compounds in the body that trigger the important band members to create an inflammatory response and build a strong and effective gastrointestinal membrane.
You may be a person who wants those compounds in your body as quickly as possible to prevent problems in your immune system. Thankfully, they are cheap and easy to get. They are called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), which is both healthy and easy to absorb. One good source of them is flax oil.
Research has shown that just half a teaspoon of flax oil in children helps prevent and cure respiratory infections and speed up recovery. This is all thanks to the Omega 3s in the oil that boost the activity of phagocytes and cytokines. And the Omega 6s in the same flax oil help reduce inflammation and inhibit the negative effects of over-reaction to body infections.
Not any amount of Omega 3s and 6s will do. They have to be the right ratio. Just like other standard dietary recommendations, the proportion of Omegas should be 1:4 (1 Omega 3 to 4 Omega 6s). Americans typically consume far too many Omega 6s (1:20). Flax oil is a benefit here because it naturally has the right proportion. It also has alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that prevents heart disease, inflammation in the bowels, arthritis, and many other issues. ALA also forms the compounds eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) - important Omega 3 offshoots.
Are You Ready This Winter?
Supplementing essential fatty acids is easy to do and good for your overall health, reducing potential doctor visits. And avoiding the flu has obvious benefits. The flu is not any fun and can be quite dangerous, as well as disrupts school and work.
It is actually possible to completely avoid the flu. Steps like those above help you do it.
Our bodies are powerful engines with built-in fighting mechanisms to survive common attackers. But, to help you heal faster you can take medication as well, and the more natural the better for your body. NutraV Flubiotic is a great option as it consists of the perfect blend of clean ingredients with immune-boosting, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Heal faster naturally and make sure you still get to enjoy your winter season.